Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Welcome to Unspoken Advocacy: The Blog.

First and foremost let me introduce myself.

My name is Vanessa and I am the proud mother of two handsome, rambunctious, and wildly entertaining young boys- one of which is Special Needs. I currently reside in Broward County, Florida and am West Indian by parentage.

When I intitially found out my son had several mental health disorders, like most parents in my situation, I was lost. I had no clue where to begin, who to talk to, how my life was going to change, how my family would be impacted - nothing. 

So I did what any new age mother would do- I wallowed (briefly) and then I googled. I was looking for something, anything that would give me the insight and support I didn't receive from a lot of my family and friends. In all honesty I did find some helpful resources and I also found a wealth of information that confused me further- but I persevered. Almost two years later, I'd read every book, spoke to every doctor, but I was missing one critical outlet. 

My vision for this blog is just that, an outlet. I wanted to create a place to share my own experiences and learn from the experiences of others, as well as share resources and information regarding the special education process. 

When its all said and done, if I can encourage, support, or educate just one person through this blog, it would have all been worth it.

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